Bespoke Experience in Argentina’s Lake District

For those who are seeking that “middle of nowhere” sensation, we developed the most bespoke camp experiences by blending style, comfort and natural beauty in the most seamless fashion…

We will provide you with a comfortable and prestigious accommodation according to each profile: from the most rustic settlements, to the most luxurious one. Its true value lies in their isolation, their ability to offer access to untouched and pristine locations and the capability to make travelers feel like home away from home.

It is the perfect getaway for honeymooners and families who are looking for uncompromising privacy and solitude.

~ Geo domes and Bell tents accommodation ~

~ Fully furnished 19 m2 to 30 m2 ~

~ L’Occitane amenities ~

~ Elegant mountain style decor ~

~ Elegant mountain style decor ~

~ Optional interior with wood burner ~

~ Beautifully styled details ~

~ Bespoke camps and full time staff ~

~ Outdoor activities and travel experiences ~

~ Luxury Heli-experiences & Scenic tours ~


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Las Salinas Grandes de Jujuy, among the “17 wildest and most beautiful places in the world”

As dictated by the National Geographic website; the news were broadcasted by the local government.

Salinas Grandes de Jujuy was recognized as one of the “17 wildest and most beautiful places in the world” by the National Geographic website, which added the amazing white landscape, located at more than 4 meters of altitude, to the list of tourist destinations of the northern province highlighted internationally.

This was announced by the government of Jujuy to celebrate the mention of Salinas in the publication made by the international organization, which invites you to explore the “perfect trips” with images of the new book of National Geographic: Beautiful Wild Places.

“Jujuy, in the northwest of Argentina, is the country’s connection with the desert: a remote, arid and spectacularly beautiful land”, highlights a brief description attached to a photo in which you can appreciate the splendor of the place and pools rectangular from which the salts are extracted.

The salinas represent “a palette of lights, shadows and colors in constant change that transforms Jujuy into a photographer’s paradise”.
“In this way, the Salinas Grandes, 135 kilometers from the capital of Jujuy, join the town of Purmamarca, the Cerro de los Siete Colores, the Serranías del Hornocal, the summer village of Tilcara and the Calilegua National Park to the list of places internationally highlighted among tourist destinations not only in the province but also in Argentina”, commented from the provincial Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

Among the 17 destinations selected for the publication, we see sites from everywhere in the world, including three from Latin America: the Salinas Jujeñas, Mount Roraima in Venezuela, and Southern Peru with its Inca tradition of shearing vicuñas.

Marking the beginning of the Puna region, to the west of the Quebrada de Humahuaca, the Salinas can be visited departing from the provincial capital by the national route 9 towards the north and then by the national route 52 until beyond Purmamarca and the Cuesta de Lipán, thus reaching the extensive sea of ​​salt that covers some 12,000 hectares.

Think Green: Sustainable & Organic Mendoza Wine Experience

This is a rare opportunity to directly visit some great organic vineyards, and meet the people
behind them. With beautiful countryside, great food and good humor on hand, you can
ensure that you’ll be well looked after, and return with stories to tell, and a heightened
enthusiasm to discover more about the world of organic wine in Mendoza.

Think Green… get ready for an amazing tour in Uco Valley. The visits will begin in the vineyards where organic farming will be explained and then continues inside the wineries where you will see all the chain of production from the pressing machine to the steel tanks, from the barrels to the filling bottle machine and understand the difference between the organic method and the conventional technique of wine making.

First, you will visit MASI Winery, a heaven for native flora and fauna.  Masi has integrated its own techniques into the winery and created an eco-sustainable reality in which important oasis of biodiversity are maintained in the context of organic agriculture. Care and respect for the environment are part of the Masi company culture and philosophy, their wines combine the exuberance of Argentinean nature with the attractive style and elegance of wines from the Veneto, Italy.

On our way to the following estate, we´ll stop for some more scenic views of spectacular vineyards and fruit orchards of the beautiful district of Uco Valley. Once we arrive at The Vines of Mendoza, we will hop onto our bikes and we´ll pedal along the wide dirt roads among the vineyards tracks knowing this wonderful wine resort.  Afterwards, you can taste the fantastic products from a beautiful family winery : Super UCO. There we meet one of the Michelini brothers who will explain all the process to make a great biodynamic wine, focused on the pure soul and terroir of the Uco Valley, specifically Gualtallary and Vista Flores districts.  This boutique, biodynamic project is the first of its kind in Mendoza with very limited production of top quality, terroir driven wines. The two hectares farm is planted in circles with 360 degrees of exposure to the sun. The different varietals are planted from the center outward, as its vegetative cycle dictates … cutting edge, meticulously crafted argentinian wines

We continue west along the rolling countryside to get to Domaine Bousquet, a highly awarded organic wine producer. The winery is dedicated to farming organically while improving their land’s biodiversity. They really think the healthier the vineyard, the better the fruit and of course the wine.  Organic agriculture and production helps to protect and sustain the land and the environment for future generations.

This is the ideal tour when you’re looking for an experience that goes beyond ordinary. On a clear day you really can see forever. Expansive only begins to describe each view which is surpassed only by the next mountain country vista!

The ‘Impenetrable’, the largest protected area of northern Argentina

The new ‘El Impenetrable’ National Park in Chaco, was inaugurated this afternoon in an official ceremony chaired by the cabinet director, Marcos Peña; the Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development, Sergio Bergman; and the governor of Chaco, Domingo Peppo.

“Duplicating the parks surface, as in many other parks in the country, reflects a vision of land development and sustainability. We want to love our country,” said Peña. Also, the governor said that the Chaco National Park is one of the best improvements for this province “to become a tourist spot in the world” so that “whoever comes, would want to come back.”

This all started in 2014, thanks to the relevance of Villavicencio’s marketing campaign (mineral bottled water brand), “Dejá tu Huella: a Reserve for More Reserves”, through which 48 million square meters of endangered Chaco forest were preserved, a law has passed for the creation of this new National Park. This initiative was a historic milestone because it was supported by more than thirty NGOs, companies, the State and the collaboration of civil society.

It is located on 150,000 hectares between the rivers Teuco-Bermejo and Bermejito in the space that was formerly known as Estancia “La Fidelidad”. This project will allow the protection of a great diversity of flora and fauna unique in our country, that includes endangered species like the jaguareté, the tatú carreta and the solitary eagle. In addition, this will open the possibility of tours and visits to get to know its nature and to appreciate the Qom, Wichì and Criolla cultures.




Uman Lodge at Futaleufú – North Chilean Patagonia

Resting, experiences and adventures combined with a luxurious accommodation, gourmet kitchen, marvelous nature environment and outdoor activities.

This exclusive lodge is complimented by a 500 hectare piece of land, known as “La Confluencia” farm. The hotel was built on top of a rock offering incredible interior and exterior space where you can cherish the valley guiding to the Futaleufu and Espolón rivers. The modern and warm architecture facilitates the integration of the scenery with help of the hotel’s large windows.

Uman Lodge was transformed into a friendly refuge with its spacios decoration of indigenous wood and local designs which creates the lodge’s charm. It is a perfect combination of relaxing and adrenaline sensations where you can enjoy and contemplate the delightful silence of the Patagonia region.

You can equally decide to take part in the innumerable activities while breathing the fresh air in the offered by the environment of this unique region of Chile.

“La Confluencia” farm,  is one of the most beautiful farms in the region. Purchased to the well known ecologist Douglas Tompkins in 2007, it has become the first farm in Patagonia with a luxurious hotel within its limits. The farm has 5 kilometers (3,12 miles) of river plus  the confluences of Espolón River and Futaleufú River. 100 hectares have been dedicated to the agricultural in a careful scale and the other 400 hectares are destined to protect and conserve the native forest. Also sand beaches at the rivers border are part of this magnificent environment along with two lagoons .


-Fly Fishing
-Trekking, Mountain Trekking
-Bike, Mountain Bike
-Horseback Riding
-Birds & Deers Observation


In a majestic environment of the Andean Patagonia, Uman Lodge offers companies the opportunity to try out professional activities required to enjoy leisure time, doing corporate business meeting more enjoyable and productive. Uman Lodge offers all services needed for successful corporate events.

Our broadband connection will allow, if necessary stay connected. With its suites and spacious, Uman Lodge offers excellent infrastructure accompanied an exclusive and personalized service. Coordinated and tailor-made, those events can be made at any time of year, always subject to availability and with a commitment to ensure that all our guests and visitors are always comfortable. With various power options and a proposal for custom programs, Uman Lodge offers a unique alternative for meetings and mid events in Patagonia.


Our team recommends… Puerto Madryn

Melina Russo and Mariel Pagella from our leisure department tell us about their experience in Puerto Madryn, home of right whales, penguin colonies and traditional Welsh settlements.

The whale season is one of the main attractions that have made this city famous worldwide. From July to December, various populations of southern right whales reach these shores.

Visitors may watch them both on board the boats leaving from Puerto Pirámides and from some natural viewpoints and almost all the beaches bordering the city. When you are in the area, you fell their presence everywhere. It´s magical.

Another must-see is Estancia San Lorenzo, a sheep farm with an amazing breeding colony of Magellanic penguins. The ranch is part of the Protected Natural Area Peninsula Valdes, UNESCO World Heritage Site, and offers a long trail to be able to walk with close proximity to the penguins. It´s incredible to walk so close to them, almost felling like a guest in one of their homes for the season.

Finally, we depart early in the morning towards Rawson, Chubut’s capital city, to enjoy more wildlife. This time is the turn of the Commerson’s dolphins from the port. We sail through river and then open sea until we got the chance to meet this lively and joyful friends. After the navigation we continue the tour to Trelew to visit the Museum for Palaeontology Egidio Feruglio (MEF).  This is one of Latin America’s most important museums in the field where you can stroll through the different geological eras, from the first humans back to the Big Bang.

Then, we continue our trip to Gaiman, a small town which keeps the Welsh heritage at its best! Its architecture, tea rooms and tasty Welsh fruit cake are some of the treasures offered to its visitors.

Do not miss the opportunity to travel back in time and understand the way of leaving, culture and how this people work hard to honor their roots through time.