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We are ALCHEMY DMC. We strive to position Argentina as a leading destination within the tourism and corporate travel business. We, the Alchemists, are transforming the Argentinian tourism market and we will always aim to showcase our company’s principles, which are consistent with the cultural and social values that identify Argentina itself.

We aspire to be your assured professional partner of the region, providing the most unique, efficient and innovative destination management service, with the sole objective of achieving a successful outcome for our clients.

We are The Alchemists.
We specialize in elevating the everyday for our clients, from customized tailor-made programs to high quality business, corporate or incentive events.

Our entire team live and breathe Argentina, including our culture, scenery and traditions and we are perfectly placed to assist you.



New Awasi Lodge At Iguazu Waterfalls In Argentina


Located just 20 minutes from the world’s largest waterfalls, Awasi’s new 14-room lodge is situated on the banks of the River Iguazú, surrounded by the Atlantic Rainforest. Each villa is assigned with a private guide and 4WD, allowing guests to explore at their own pace, visiting where they want, in their own time.




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From  Buenos  Aires:  LATAM  and  AEROLÍNEAS  ARGENTINAS  fly  to  International  Airport  of  Puerto  Iguazú  (also  known  as  Cataratas  del  Iguazú).  Your  private  guide  will  be  waiting  at  the  airport  to  greet  you  and  take  you  to  the  hotel  in  a  private  4WD.  There  are  no  group  transfers  so  the  experience  will  be  personalized  and  based  on  your  pace  and  requirements  from  the  outset. From  destinations  in  Brazil:    The  Awasi  private  guides  also  meet  and  greet  guests  at  Brazil’s  Aeropuerto  Internacional  de  Foz  do  Iguaçu,  bringing  them  back  to  the  lodge  in  their  private  4WD.




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With the perfect mix of privacy in your villa, along with the opportunity to socialise at the bar and restaurant in the main lodge, Awasi Iguazú will be the perfect place to enjoy the very best of the Misiones Province.

There are 13 Standard Villas, and 1 Master Villa. Each villa has a private plunge pool, outdoor shower and spacious living area. The master villa has a larger plunge pool and living room allowing plenty of space for two couples or families.
The interiors feature traditional textiles and baskets woven by the indigenous Guarani people, who still inhabit the region and are our neighbours.




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Awasi  guests  enjoy a  daily  menu  using  the  finest  local ingredients,  adapted  to  your  requirements. Aarón Castillo Pellería is Head Chef at Awasi Iguazú.  Chef  Aarón  has  cooked  in  hotels  and  restaurants  in  Europe  and  all  over  Latin  America,  including  working  under  Michelin  star  chefs.  In  joining  Awasi  Iguazú,  he  finds  himself  with  a  whole  range  of  new  flavours  and  ingredients  to  discover.  A  believer  in  combining  traditional  techniques  with  modern  innovation,  Aarón  ultimately  relies  on  fresh,  local  produce  to  create  the  most  authentic  dishes.




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Prior  to  your  arrival  at  Awasi,  we  will  ask  you  to  complete  a  short  questionnaire  to  inform  us  of  your  preferences,  special  interests,  physical  conditions,  dietary  requirements,  and  any  other  details  that  will  help  our  team  arrange  an  unforgettable  trip,  especially  designed  for  you

The  excursions  at  Awasi  Iguazú  are  divided  into  zones  and  themes,  the  primary  zone  being  the  Iguazú  Falls.  Next,  we  explore  the  Atlantic  Rainforest,  an  area  of  incredible  beauty  that  surrounds  the  falls.  Due  to  the  fact  that  it  is  not  connected  to  any  other  rainforest,  the  Atlantic  Rainforest  has  1000s  of  endemic  plants  and  animals.  What  is  more,  it  is  Argentina’s  most  diverse  area  in  terms  of  people  and  culture.  Excursions  include  visiting  18th  century  Jesuit  ruins;  hidden  waterfalls  (as  well  as  the  famous  ones);  kayaking  through  the  jungle;  bird  watching;  viewing  endemic  flora  and  fauna;  and  sharing  time  with  local  Guarani  tribes  where  guests  can  learn  about  ancient  artisan  crafts  and  the  tribes’  relationship  with  the  rainforest.  We  hope  our  guests  will  leave  with  an  idea  of  the  immense  beauty  of  the  Atlantic  Rainforest  and  the  importance  of  conservationism  in  the  area.  In  terms  of  duration,  excursions  are  divided  into  full-day  outings  (  from  6  to  10  hrs.),  with  picnic  lunch  included;  or  half-day  excursions  (between  4  and  6  hrs.),  returning  for  lunch  at  Awasi.    After  excursions,  guests  can  return  to  their  villa  to  relax  by  their  private  plunge  pool.




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Because  we  have  a  dedicated  team  committed  to  catering  to  your  preferences:  what  sets  us  apart  is  our  attention  to  detail.  –  Because  Awasi  hotels  are  unique  in  South  America  as  they  offer  a  service  that  is  100%  tailor-made.-  Because  we  assign  a  private  guide  and  4WD  vehicle  to  each  room  so  that  excursions  are  crafted  around  the  needs  and  preferences  of  each  guest.-  Because  our  cuisine  stands  out  for  its  flavours  and  textures,  featuring  regional  ingredients,  adapted  to  the  needs  of  each  guest.


Bespoke Experience in Argentina’s Lake District

For those who are seeking that “middle of nowhere” sensation, we developed the most bespoke camp experiences by blending style, comfort and natural beauty in the most seamless fashion…

We will provide you with a comfortable and prestigious accommodation according to each profile: from the most rustic settlements, to the most luxurious one. Its true value lies in their isolation, their ability to offer access to untouched and pristine locations and the capability to make travelers feel like home away from home.

It is the perfect getaway for honeymooners and families who are looking for uncompromising privacy and solitude.

~ Geo domes and Bell tents accommodation ~

~ Fully furnished 19 m2 to 30 m2 ~

~ L’Occitane amenities ~

~ Elegant mountain style decor ~

~ Elegant mountain style decor ~

~ Optional interior with wood burner ~

~ Beautifully styled details ~

~ Bespoke camps and full time staff ~

~ Outdoor activities and travel experiences ~

~ Luxury Heli-experiences & Scenic tours ~


For more information contact one of our alchemists:



During 2017 the ALCHEMY & INFOBA DMC teams have exceeded themselves in developing amazing experiences and reaching outstanding achievements.


01  –  Passion Experience Vol 2 – Exclusive lunch at the River Plate football stadium for 420 people – we were the first DMC to ever pull off this event – a luncheon setup right next to the football field.  


02 – Private crossing through the Andean lakes from Puerto Varas in Chile to  Bariloche in Argentina for 2 back to back groups of 170 people each. This was the first private crossing ever organized in this remote area.


03 – The Forum brought together former presidents and leaders of the region, in addition to outstanding personalities from the business and political world.
Mauricio Macri, president of the Nation, was the host of the welcome and opening dinner at the Teatro Colón.


04 – Blink Glamping in a remote and untouched location in Patagonia.


05 – Lunch in the Iguazu National Park, surrounded by native jungle, at the foot of the Two Sisters waterfall.


06 – Thematic gala dinner at the Presidio Museum in Ushuaia, with a fantastic interactive show in a breathtaking atmosphere.


07 – Locos x el asado – Learning how to grill a real Asado (BBQ) while enjoying the process of filming a tv show in a real studio.


08 – Full Polo Day – Private ranch to enjoy a complete sophisticated Polo experience including an exclusive Polo match, Polo clinic and a delicious barbecue lunch.


09 – Social commitment in Argentina – Getting in touch with rural communities in the Northwest.


10 – Tons of surprises – We strive to make creative surprises wherever we find the perfect moment- opera singers outside the Colon Theatre, a surprise tango stop with champagne, costume accessories for tango shows and so much more to enhance a local experience!


11 – Evita Peron revival – Everyone has heard these famous songs before, but being in Argentina gives this interpretation a special nostalgia.


12 – Romantic floating dinner – At sunset, with the river and the city lights as a backdrop, in an exclusive dinning room full of flowers.


13 – Epic Adventures – Helicopter rides in the middle of nowhere, kayaking either in rapids or in the quiet streams of the Patagonic lakes…


14 – Heaven for foodies – A cooking lesson at a closed door restaurant; a full local barbecue lunch prepared on spits on the ground, wine tastings and bar hopping!


15 – Back to the past – As we drive through vineyards enjoy beautiful antique cars and make this a memorable adventure.


Thanks to all for these 2017 was full of great moments and amazing teamwork…We can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store for us!


Vicuña has started a way in which the public and private world are empowered by an objective: astronomy. On January 19, 2017 has been remembered as one of the most important days for Vicuña, thanks to a mayoral decree that established the commune as the world capital of astronomy, which brings with it a series of activities and initiatives that seek to go that direction.

This is how the Vicuña has embarked on a path in which the public and private world are empowered by a common goal in which various actors who have already carried out activities such as the Star Party will participate once a month in the heritage Antakari Route. , the first contest of poetry, photography, painting and drawing with topics related to astronomy that had an excellent call.

One of the arguments of the decree is precisely the choice of Vicuña as the ideal place for the installation of astronomical observatories. “Since the 1960s it has been the site of several observatories, notably the Cerro Tololo observatory, located on the hill of the same name, where one of the most important telescopes on the planet and the first in our country is located. Later the SOAR and Gemini observatories were installed and the LSST observatory is under construction “, as well as a series of clear signs that Vicuña deserves to be considered the world capital of astronomy because of the greatness of its skies, 300 nights a year without clouds and the mention of these unique characteristics, not only in national media, but international ones such as The New York Times and The Guardian. In addition, tourist observatories such as Cerro Mamalluca stand out, as well as other observatories such as El Pangue, Alfa Aldea, Astro Elqui: cosmovision and archaeoastronomy, the Casa Bagua campsite, to name a few places that have implemented telescopes in their ventures.

The mayor of the commune, Rafael Vera said that signing this decree has a strategic sense, for decades the main sources of income in Vicuña have been thanks to agriculture, which will continue to be strengthened, and in cultural terms the figure of the poet elquina Gabriela Mistral, but astrological tourism will also be given a fundamental value. “We have the clearest skies and that gives us the possibility to also enhance that line, and if it is true that the traditional, the identity of Gabriela Mistral is an issue that we have been working on for a good number of years now, that of tourism It has been developing, we are offering a tourism with added value, and effectively being the world capital of astronomy, it allows us to channel a large number of tourists “commented the mayor.

Hernán Julio, journalist, scientific disseminator and director of the astronomy magazine Astrovida applauds this initiative because it points out that besides being the commune of Vicuña the first in the installation of scientific observatories, “the other thing is the fact that just in the commune there is the first dark sanctuary of nature, the first in Chile and that was declared by the Association of Dark Skies of the World and also the World Organization of Astronomy that also gives a stamp not only of the quality of the heavens, but also of darkness that today is so important because of the issue of light pollution, “says the researcher. “I think we also have to integrate the educational world, because young people are the heirs of these heavens, and not only the heavens, but what it involves is also a technological scientific heritage,” added Julio. It should be noted that the Gabriela Mistral Dark Skies Sanctuary is located in the grounds of the AURA observatory, belonging to the Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy, who acquired the land in the 1960s, and since then they have tried to maintain favorable conditions. for astronomical research.

The name of the place is not accidental, since the poet was always in love with the Elqui Valley, her place of birth.

The macro objective of this project is to consolidate Vicuña itself as the world capital of astronomy thinking of the total solar eclipse that will take place on July 2, 2019.




Peru is consolidated as ‘Best Culinary Destination’ and Machupicchu as ‘Best Tourist Attraction’ in the world at the World Travel Awards 2017.

For the sixth consecutive year, Peru received the recognition as ‘Best Culinary Destination’ in the world, while the Archaeological Complex of Machupicchu was awarded as ‘Best Tourist Attraction’ in the latest edition of the prestigious World Travel Awards (WTA), held in Phu Quoc, Vietnam, PromPeru  informed. It should be noted that the prizes are awarded based on the online voting platform of the organization in which tourism professionals, entrepreneurs and travelers from different places participate.

“These recognitions that we receive as a country are the result of the work we are doing to promote our tourism resources and our gastronomy. These awards help to highlight Peru in the eyes of the world, especially on top of the elite of the travel industry. Therefore, we will continue to work to maintain ourselves in the first place and to contribute to improving the quality of life of all those Peruvians whose welfare depends on the growth of international tourist arrivals, “said Isabella Falco, Country Image Director of PromPeru.

According to a study conducted by PromPeru, the main reason to visit Peru is to know Machupicchu. However, gastronomy is already among the other motivations of travel. The same report shows that 82% of the tourists who visit the country consider Peru as a gastronomic destination, and 25% say that the knowledge about Peruvian cuisine would be growing in their countries of origin.

On the other hand, according to experts, Peruvian gastronomy is increasingly positioned in the world, which opens new opportunities for the export of our native products, as well as the opportunity to show our culinary traditions and continue to innovate with our admired fusion cuisine.

PromPeru has been promoting our country in recent years with innovative campaigns that have managed to win over public worldwide. Continuing with this promotion, Peru has just launched the international tourism campaign ‘Peru, the richest country in the world’, in which travelers are invited to know our destinations in order to go back home enriched due to the sum of all the experiences that they enjoy in our country, such as exploring our ancient historical legacy or discovering our gastronomy.

In 2016, the Historic Sanctuary of Machupicchu received 1.4 million visitors and shows an average growth of 6% during the last five years. According to Trip Advisor, 98% of the tourists that visited it have a positive evaluation of their experience.

Currently there are three Peruvian restaurants that are on the list of The 50 Best Restaurants in the World: Central (5th place), Maido (8) and Astrid & Gaston (33); and there are 10 restaurants positioned on the list of The 50 Best Restaurants in Latin America: Maido (1), Central (2), Astrid & Gaston (7), Osso Carnicería y Salumeria (12), La Mar (15) , Isolina (21), Rafael (24), Malabar (30), Fiesta (46) and Ámaz (47).


Since 1993, WTA have become an extraordinary barometer for measuring excellence in the travel and tourism industry worldwide. The winners are chosen thanks to the vote of the public through the Internet and the voting that the experts of the sector perform globally. According to the American newspaper The Wall Street Journal, these are considered the ‘Oscar of the Tourism Awards’.

These ceremonies are attended by the heads of industry, key decision-makers, chiefs, leading figures and the most important media of tourism and commerce. The WTA Grand Tour takes place in stages, with regional ceremonies in the Middle East, Africa and the Indian Ocean, Europe, the Americas and the Caribbean, Asia and Oceania.