Bettina Torchiana, a member of our MICE Department, with 10 years of experience in the area, tells us about her experience in Atacama Desert: “Remote places are not only far away, they are also an opportunity to re-encounter with life itself”

San Pedro de Atacama is the base for touring the spectacular Atacama Desert, the most arid desert in the world and where dozens of natural attractions makes it the ideal destination for nature lovers.

The Explora Hotel is the perfect combination for those seeking adventure but luxury service as well, which are fully compatible even when our previous ideas makes us think otherwise.

Explora is the true reflection of this, where through unique circuits we can enjoy the natural environment without leaving aside the enjoyment for the excellence in service, the personalized attention, details surprising us at every moment and the exquisite gastronomy.

Do not miss this paradise by the hand of Explora Hotel. I assure you it will be an experience that will remain in your memory.