Now your most important events will be enveloped by the most spectacular view of Santiago. Come! Rise to the top with us! Sky Costanera is open every day—365 days a year. With our elevators, in just 2 minutes you will be at the highest point in South America. 360° at 300 mts! In this unique place, you will enjoy Andes Mountains and Santiago from a totally new perspective. Located in the beginning of new area called “Sanhattan” this space will flawless match with a trendy cocktail, gala dinner or cool event.

Floor 61: Heated and high-rise indoor space
Floor 62: Open-air Terrace

Name Area Dinner Cocktail Audience School
Piso 61, Area Norte 200 m² 120 150 240 140
Piso 61, Area Poniente 170 m² 100 140 180 120
Piso 61, Area Sur 50 m² 30 40
Piso 61, Area Oriente 65 m² 30 50
Piso 62, Area Norte 240 m² 130 150 200 140
Piso 62, Area Sur-Oriente 385 m² 250 300
Piso 62 completo 750 m² 350 400

More than 50 events have taken place in the 11 months since Sky Costanera began operating as one of the most innovative event centers that the Chilean market has seen in recent times, located at the top of the highest tower in Latin America and offering an exclusive 360 ​​° view of the Chilean capital. Product launches, press conferences and corporate end-of-year parties, among other meetings, have taken place in this unique space that is revolutionizing the industry. His proposal is calling the attention not only of companies but also of institutions for a cause and even government offices, especially related to tourism. MICE events have been successfully placed. Place is becoming a milestone in the city and in the industry that has allowed the realization of very novel events. “There was a climb up the tower, a vertical run, commemorating the Glaucoma Week,” says the executive.

The launch conference of the Rolling Stones concert, at the end of last year, and the Davis Cup draw, recently, are two other important events that have given the brand a presence in the mass media. Also, they emphasize the massive spinnig Skymorphosis, that counted on the participation of international and Chilean instructors.

Sky Costanera has positioned itself as a tourist/MICE landmark, placing itself in that sense as a top in Tripadvisor, something that companies have read very well, understanding that this attraction can be very well used to organize attractive events. “The companies understand that if they want a world class event, they need a space like this, which has enough advantages for it.

The demand for events at the top of the tower has been intense since the venue opened its doors for this purpose.

The safety and comfort for users is one of the decisive elements in the management of this place as a center of events, in such a way that two different meetings are not held at the same time, although technically there is room for this. On the one hand, Sky Costanera wants to assure its clients a 360 ° vision, which is an important differential, and at the same time having two floors is also a great advantage.